Welcome to The Pitt

Wel­come to The Pitt

This is unbe­liev­ably über kick­ass. Bethesda’s Fall­out 3 has set their next expan­sion pack, titled “The Pitt” in post apoc­a­lyp­tic Pitts­burgh. If you look at the pic above, you can clearly see that this is one of the sis­ter bridges, pos­si­bly the Roberto Clemente. It looks like the jacked the city up a bit though, as the High­mark build­ing looks like its too far east, and what is pos­si­bly the steel build­ing is way too close to the bridge…

All that aside though, this looks to be a sweet ren­di­tion. The video below says it comes out in March, which hope­fully gives me enough time to pro­cure the funds to buy it. I’m pretty sure i’ll end up buy­ing the game just because I want to see if the run­ning lady is still cross­ing the Smith­field street bridge after the bomb drops.

Looks like the 70s again.

The Pitt

Pete Hines talks about the game.

I’m pretty sure my old apart­ment on Cedar Ave. in the north side will still be there. In fact, my old room­mates will prob­a­bly still be liv­ing in it.