PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Inter­net from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Tell Con­gress not to cen­sor the inter­net NOW! —

PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been intro­duced in the Sen­ate and the House and is mov­ing quickly through Con­gress. It gives the gov­ern­ment and cor­po­ra­tions the abil­ity to cen­sor the net, in the name of pro­tect­ing “cre­ativ­ity”. The law would let the gov­ern­ment or cor­po­ra­tions cen­sor entire sites– they just have to con­vince a judge that the site is “ded­i­cated to copy­right infringement.”

The gov­ern­ment has already wrongly shut down sites with­out any recourse to the site owner. Under this bill, shar­ing a video with any­thing copy­righted in it, or what sites like Youtube and Twit­ter do, would be con­sid­ered ille­gal behav­ior accord­ing to this bill.

Accord­ing to the Con­gres­sional Bud­get Office, this bill would cost us $47 mil­lion tax dol­lars a year — that’s for a fix that won’t work, dis­rupts the inter­net, sti­fles inno­va­tion, shuts out diverse voices, and cen­sors the inter­net. This bill is bad for cre­ativ­ity and does not pro­tect your rights.

Mozilla is tak­ing action, and so can you.