I’ve been get­ting in the habit of mov­ing pref­er­ences, and git repos to drop­box lately. It lets me edit them in one place, and have access to them on mul­ti­ple machines imme­di­ately, which is a huge win for me.

I was talk­ing to a buddy tonight about mov­ing my git con­fig file there, and he had sug­gest­ing sym­link­ing with Drop­box. Now, I just need to sym­link the same file at home, and I’m work­ing with the same set­tings on both machines!


[ ~ ]
$ cd ~/Dropbox/
[ ~/Dropbox ]
$ mkdir dotFiles
[ ~/Dropbox ]
$ mv ~/.gitconfig ~/Dropbox/dotFiles/
[ ~/Dropbox ]
$ ln -s ~/Dropbox/dotFiles/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig