Salam, stinogle!

Yes, that multilingual greeting is back. The creators of the original Scrabulous have brought this facebook classic back in all its glory as Lexulous, and I for one am eternally grateful.

Some quick history:

Back in July of 2008, Hasbro filed suit against the owners of Scrabulous, Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwalla. The same day, EA launched its officially-sanctioned Scrabble game on Facebook, a (still today) buggy and unnecessary animation laden flash app that couldn’t really hold Scrabulous’s jock strap. By September of that year, the court ruled that Rajat and Jayant could keep developing their game, but were forbidden to use Scrabulous, Scrabble or any other “similar sounding” name.

Long story short, Lexulous was created. The game is very similar to Scrabulous, but for some distinct differences, which may hinder its fan base. The points for each letter differ from the original scrabble, and the user is given 8 letters, which is insanely odd to play with. Many of the multipliers have been moved, but thankfully they have removed the 4x multiplier, which was in the original release.

Anyway, its good to see that the corporate giant didn’t completely win this time. Now, we’ll see if Lexulous can truly make Facebook Scrabble an awesome experience again.

PS. Let me know if anyone wants to play. I’m always up for a game.