broken jetta key ring

I drive a 2002 Jetta, which has this super cool flippy key that has the power to unite all races under one banner.

This, however, cannot be complete without a key ring. The chrome bar that comes attached really doesn’t do the job, and mine broke a while back. The folks at VWvortex forums were quick to provide a DIY fix, which I’ve done my best to chronicle.

First, I tried super glue. That worked for a total of .0000333… seconds. Second, I tried JB Weld, which is supposed to hold together two cheetas running full speed in opposite directions. This worked for about double that time. For the record, I do not chalk this up to the inferiority of these products, but the idiocy by which this VW key ring was designed.

After these failed attempts, I ripped the key in half (which can literally be done by just pulling the two halves apart, see below).

open Jetta key

I then proceeded to VWvortex, and found exactly where the board inside was located, so I wouldn’t drill into it. What you want to do is drill in the corner where the panic button is, opposide side of the key. I used a 1/8 inch drill bit, which allowed a smaller key ring to fit through, albeit quite snugly.

drilling into the key

Viola! My key, as well as my manhood, are now whole again. Reply below if you have questions.

finished key ring