Drawing at the wedding

Its not often that you get the chance to do something that you love, and help out a friend at the same time. Luckily, art lends itself well to both criteria.

I attended my buddy Brett’s wedding recently, and was tasked with drawing caricatures of everyone. He’s an awesome dude, and got hitched to a really cool girl named Minda (hey guys!), so there’s no way I would have said no.

Its a funny thing about caricatures. I’ve been doing them for ten years now, and they always hit me the same way: Just a few hours before I draw, I dread the hell out of it. Not because I get nervous or anything (trust me, 10 years of people in your grill while you draw cures you of that), but for some kind of crazy fear of fun new shit. Then I go and start drawing, and immediately I’m in the zone and having an awesome time. I get to hear all the awesome rhetoric of the people around me, and afterward I’m genuinely happy. And tired. Its kind of like going on a date, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the wedding rocked. The pic above of me drawing was done by a fellow AiP grad named Amanda Wilson, who generously let me use her photo for this post. Go check her work out. Now.

And that’s my spew of words for today. Congrats Brett and Minda!