Well, there is both a good and bad part to this story. Let’s start with the good:

My buddy Justin came to me a couple months back, and told me that he was starting an ultimate frisbee team in my home town of Ligonier. He asked if i would put a logo together for the team, in exchange for a jersey. I happily obliged, and proceeded to put together the logo you see below, based on the civil war fort located in Ligonier.
Fortress Logo

Now, for the bad. Below, you can see the final jersey. Not too shabby right? Well, apparently the printer saw fit to toy with my final eps file, completely jacking up the kerning on the work Fortress. Wherever you are captain dumbass, thanks for that novel idea.
Fortress Jersey

Outside of that, the final jerseys are pretty cool. Some sweat control fabric that’s dang comfy, and you can’t go wrong with Steelers colors 🙂