Sheetz - Beer Sales in PA

Imagine it. All you want after a hard day in the Burgh is an ice cold brew. You stop by your local Sheetz, the veritable Mecca of gas station enjoyment. As you walk in, there it is before you, gleaming like a beacon of hope. The Beer Cave.

Due to Pennsylvania’s ridiculous beer laws, however, this beautiful fantasy is currently just that. Sheetz has been looking into ways to cure this malady, and they need our help. They’ve put together a sweet little form for you to fill out, generating an email that will be sent to your local government rep, requesting that action be taken. Check it out here.

Taken from the site:

They’re outdated, archaic, unfair… and just plain silly.

Pennsylvania’s liquor laws have been on the books since the 1930’s – the Prohibition era. Does anyone really think that these 70 and 80 year old laws still make sense?


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