Todd Agulnick announced yesterday that his bookmark syncing service, Xmarks, will shutdown at the start of 2011:

As I write this, it’s a typical Sunday here at Xmarks. The synchronization service continues operating quietly, the servers chugging along syncing browser data for our 2 million users across their 5 million desktops. The day isn’t over yet, but we’re on track to add just under 3000 new accounts today.

Tomorrow, however, will hardly be anything but typical, for tomorrow one of our engineers will start a script that will email each of our users to notify them that we’ll be ceasing operations in around 90 days.

Browsers have been getting closer to what I would consider acceptable bookmark syncing, but none have done it close to as well as Todd’s creation. Xmarks is a remarkable service, one that I would definitely pay a fair premium for. Its not often that we get such a product that fills a much needed niche in our web centric lives, and for FREE!

I would gladly drop an Andrew Jackson for Xmarks. Don’t give up!