The Walking Dead Poster

Yes, The Walking Dead is over until next October. I was so enthralled by the show however, that I decided to dust off my pen and ink and get my own little homage to the show together. It was a short time after this decision that I realized I wanted to put my first poster together. After a bit of research, I stumbled upon this rare gem:

The Walking Dead with Boris Karloff

Apparently a movie called the Walking Dead, starring none other than Boris Karloff, was shot in 1936. I’d found my muse. I would make a poster for the new show, that paid homage to the poster of old.

I still have a good bit of tweaking to do to the final poster, especially to the colors, but I’d like to try and get a screen print together sometime soon. Maybe even sell a few prints. If anyone would want one, please drop me a line.