So yesterday we needed to build a page that would redirect based on the device a user came from.

We needed to know if a user was coming from a Droid, iPad/iPhone, BlackBerry, or Desktop. I grabbed some user agents here, and went to town. Lemme know if you know a better way to tackle this, as I tried to make it as lean as possible.


<%@ page import="java.util.*"%>

	Enumeration e;
	e = request.getHeaderNames();
	String userAgent = request.getHeader("user-agent");

	if(userAgent.matches(".*BlackBerry.*")) {
		out.print ("BlackBerries taste yummy.");
	} else if(userAgent.matches(".*Android.*")) {
		out.print ("These aren't the droids you're looking for.");
	} else if(userAgent.matches(".*iPhone.*") || userAgent.matches(".*iPad.*")) {
		out.print ("Pods or pads, doesn't matter.");
	} else {
		out.print ("I'm a PC.");