Well, its that time again. My website has become a dinosaur yet again. I’m beginning the first steps of getting it out of its Jurassic period, and back to the renaissance that it once was. At least what I believe it once was.


  1. HTML5 – I’ve built a good many sites using it. It’s time for my site to catch up.
  2. Responsive/Muli-device support – I’ve worked on a few client side responsive sites, but would like to research RESS as well to keep page weight down.
  3. Design chops – I’ve been working a while on development only, and it’s time to put my design hat back on. Heck, my current site’s font is 11px! That’s barely readable.

That being said, I have a few technologies I’d like to implement this with. My bag of tools, if you will:

  1. PlatformWordPress
  2. ThemeBones
  3. FrameworksTwitter Bootstrap, JQuery, LESS
  4. Device DetectionWURFL
  5. Version Control/DeploymentGit

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Once I get going, I’m going to do my best to blog about the process. Lastly, I owe the idea of chronicling a site redesign to my significant other, Lauren. She’s a great designer, and even better motivator 🙂


Boy, this sure ended up changing. I ended up moving all my blog posts to this site, robandlauren.com. My portfolio will stay on stinogle.com. I also ended up using SASS and Compass as my preprocessor tools, as well as Codekit for on the fly compilation and auto refresh goodness.

I am going to blog along the way a bit more about my construction of my portfolio site though. Hopefully it will help out some poor soul in the same boat.