Rob and I have been making yearly goals for ourselves for the past couple of years. They are tucked away in a Google Doc and opened every couple of months when one of us feels overly ambitious. This year we decided we would put them into a blog post, so we can hold each other more accountable as well as take on Dave Rupert’s motto and do shit instantly.

In true Lauren fashion, I have procrastinated on publishing this post since the beginning of January. To dig us out of this hole, instead of simply backdating the post, let’s just say our yearly goals start date is the Chinese New Year(Feb 10th). This way, we are early and feel ahead instead of behind. Less excuses and more actions. Here goes…


  • Redesign my portfolio website
  • Start designing in the browser / become more confident with CSS than Photoshop
  • Help produce a style guide for (more on this later)
  • Art – 5 paintings in the year, 2 screen prints and 3 fun side design projects (currently planning one side project – a wedding website for friends)
  • Actively contribute to new blog and Dribbble (2x a month-ish)
  • Travel more often
  • Read a book a month (trying this again – didn’t quite make it last year)
  • Do a triathalon


  • Write at least one blog post a week
  • Build at least one web/mobile game, get it in the app store for ios and android
  • Write a short story and put it up online
  • Rebuild
  • Start a Kickstarter project

Outside of these things, we want to climb more, possibly learn to lead climb, and of course spend more time together (hopefully vacationing on the free cruise I won in a bet with Rob 😉 ). This list is getting pretty ambitious so we are ending it at that. 恭禧發財 / Gong Xi Fa Cai / Happy Chinese New Year!