I had the pleasure of volunteering, attending and entering artwork in the 16th annual Art All Night event in Lawrenceville this year. This event is put on by 100% volunteers and shows once a year as an all night event. Hundreds of people come to see the artwork of local artists, jam to live music and enjoy watching artists working on large scale paintings. Each artist is allowed one piece of artwork of any medium. There is no jury, no censorship and no fee. All art, all night.

This year I entered a piece that was fairly large (6 ft x 2 ft, give or take) and colorful. I have never done something so colorful, actually. My sister has been wanting a colorful animal painting, so I chose to do a painting of a giraffe titled “Stand Tall” for her as a late birthday present. Being the procrastinator that I am with artwork, I knew doing it for a show would push me to get it done quickly. I have never done any artwork of an animal before so it was a new challenge for me. It’s definitely a piece for a certain type of person. Check it out below.

lauren gray & rob stinogle art

Also among Art All Night you may have seen the hard to miss “Lincoln” that Rob painted for the event. This piece was a 36″ x 48″ masterpiece Rob did in one afternoon. His painting has really evolved over the years (impressive since he doesn’t seem to paint as much as he’d like) into a unique style he can call his own. I believe this to be a break through piece for him and his style of painting. It is very detailed while still having a very graphic feel. I love it!

All in all we were both very pleased with the feedback we received on our pieces. We even both received a couple of offers for purchase of our piece. I guess you could call us professional artists now. 😉