Homebrew has introduced a great new feature to keep a running list of your most loved packages, the Brewfile.

UPDATE: brew bun­dle was dep­re­cated and removed but there’s a new offi­cial replace­ment. Thanks to Mike McQuaid for the heads up!

Brewfile Example

# Make sure we’re using the latest Homebrew

# Upgrade any already-installed formulae

# Version Control
install git

# Install other useful binaries
install android-sdk

tap homebrew/versions

# Remove outdated versions from the cellar

Just save this as Brewfile, and you can run it via the bundle command.


brew bundle ~/Dropbox/dotFiles/Brewfile

There is the added benefit of syncing between multiple machines. As you can see in the example above I store mine in Dropbox, so I can keep the same packages updated on both my desktop and laptop. This also works great in a custom dotfiles setup.

Here is a link to my Brewfile to get you started. Cheers!

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